Selling FAQ

What do you need to provide an initial estimate?

For small collections, the following information is needed to help us determine an estimate.

• Total number of cards
• Years of all cards
• Photo of entire collection
• List of key cards
• Condition of key cards

For larger collections, we typically require a detailed list and/or on-site inspection. We offer free shipping on all qualified orders.

How much can I expect to receive for my collection?

Pricing varies whether we are buying small, sorted collections, or in bulk.

For in-demand cards, we typically pay between 40-70% of the listed value in the Beckett Price Guide. For less desirable items, such as most baseball cards from 1980-1995, we pay far less.

How should I ship my cards?

Please ship your package via USPS, UPS or FedEx and insure the package for a reasonable amount. is not liable for any damaged or lost shipments.

Please include an itemized list along with your contact info inside the shipment.

Where do I ship my collection to?

Please send your collection to:

Sell My Sports Cards
Attn: Jason
650 Ogden Ave. #1
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Payment FAQ

How will I be paid for my collection?

Once we have approved your order for payment, we can mail you a check, cash, money order, or make payment via PayPal.

How soon will I receive my payment?

PayPal payments for small collections are usually processed within 24 hours of payment approval. Checks, cash, and money orders are mailed out within 48 hours.

Contact us for more info on the payment process.