is the fairest quickest and easiest way to get cash for your old sports cards. We have over sixty years combined experience trading our hard-earned money for old baseball cards and sports memorabilia.

We specialize in buying small to medium-sized sports card collections from private collectors and individuals. Sell My Sports Cards will help assess the value of your collection, evaluate the condition of key cards, and pay up to 70% of the listed value in the Beckett Price Guide for in-demand items.

What We Buy

  • Small and medium-sized sports card collections
  • Sorted and unsorted lots
  • Star players from any year
  • Pre-1960 commons
  • Unopened factory sets, boxes and packs

What We Don't Buy

  • Collections over $50,000
  • Cards in poor condition
  • Overproduced 80’s and 90’s cards
  • Non-sports cards

Some of your collection will inevitably end up in ours. We are sports fans and collectors at heart. Others will be traded with friends, sold online, or handed down to our nephews. Each piece will find a loving home.

Sell Your Sports Card Collection

We make selling your old baseball cards and sports card collection easy.

Get An Estimate

Send a photo of your collection along with an itemized listing of star cards, or just a general description of your unsorted lot. We'll provide a preliminary estimate based on this information.

Send Your Collection

Send your cards in so we can verify the condition and authorize for payment. We offer free shipping and insurance on qualified orders.

Get Paid!

Payments are made on the same day we verify your collection. Check, cash, money order and PayPal are available as payment options.

For more information on how to sell old baseball cards and other sports cards to, visit our FAQ page or contact us for a free quote!