5 Answers To The Question: Where Can I Sell My Sports Cards?

A friend recently revealed to me that he had a collection of old sports cards he thought could be worth some serious dough and asked, “Where can I sell my sports cards for the best price?”

Before telling him about SellMySportsCards.com, I asked him a few questions to better understand what was in the collection. I explained how getting the price for each item will require selling them individually at a sports card convention, auction site, or hunting down private collectors online or in town. This can be a time consuming process.

If you wanted to unload them much quicker for slightly less, you could sell them as a lot to a local card shop, or SellMySportsCards.com. If you have what they want they will buy the entire lot for a discounted price and save you the hassle of setting up a booth at a flea market for three months to barely turn a profit.

Where Can I Sell My Sports Cards?

1. Sports Card Convention

If you have the time to network and shop your collection around, a sports card convention may be your best bet.

The National Sports Collectors Convention is an annual gathering of collectors, dealers, and sports superstars. Here you will have access to hundreds of hobbyists who are actively buying and selling all types of sports memorabilia.

While you may not get top dollar from collectors looking to turn a profit on your cards, there will be no shortage of buyers. Autographs of star players and pre-1960 sports cards are highly desired, as well as game-worn jerseys and graded HOF’er cards.

2. Sports Card Auction Sites

There are several auction sites online to sell your old sports cards and memorabilia. If you have vintage baseball cards and valuable rare gems, Heritage Auctions should be on your radar. As the world’s largest collectibles auction site, this is where you sell the cream of the crop.

If your sports card collection is not exactly Heritage Auctions-worthy, try eBay. Sports cards and collectibles are still a hot item on eBay, and you have the opportunity to find buyers for those $1-$100 cards

3. Local Sports Card Shop

At one point in the early 90’s, there were almost 10,000 sports card and collectibles shops in the U.S.- with over a billion dollars in sales. In 2018, the hobby barely broke $200 million.

If there is a sports card shop within a reasonable driving distance, make this your first stop. An experienced collector will be able to make a quick and accurate assessment of your items, their condition, and estimate resale value. They may be interested in buying your collection, or know someone who is.

One of our favorite sports card shops is The Baseball Card King in Downers Grove, Illinois. The staff is always helpful, friendly, and knowledgable when it comes to buying and selling sports cards and memorabilia.

4. Social Media Groups

Social media has changed the way people buy and sell sports cards. There are now tens of thousands of collectors engaging daily on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Facebook Groups are a great place to start. Users are engaged, passionate, and informed on their niche of the industry. Some groups are focused on buying and selling vintage sports cards and collectibles, while others stream live box and pack breaks of hot new products.

5. SellMySportsCards.com

SellMySportsCards.com pays top dollar for old sport card collections, from pre-1970 baseball cards to today’s basketball, football, hockey and soccer cards. We buy sorted and unsorted lots, unopened factory sets, packs and boxes, as well as many other sport card-related collectibles.

We specialize in purchasing small and medium-sized collections ranging in price from $500-$25,000. To learn more about selling your sports card collection to SellMySportsCards.com, click here.


Whether you are looking to sell your sports card collection as one lot or piece by piece, it pays to research your items and shop them around to several buyers. One collectors’s trash may be another ones treasure!

The next time someone asks you “Where can I sell my sports cards?”, share this article with them.

If you are interested in getting a free quote from SellMySportsCards.com for your collection, send us an itemized list through the contact form. We typically respond within 24 hours and offer free shipping and insurance on all qualified collections.

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